Free Transportation in Honor of Mother Earth

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Water covers about 70 percent of the earth’s surface. And it makes up 60 percent of our bodies. Water works miracles in our overall body function; it transports vitamins and glucose, regulates temperature, flushes toxins, revs the metabolism, revitalizes skin and sharpens your brain power.

 This Earth Day, pay homage to our wondrous planet with the healing power of personal hydration:

  • Drop 14 pounds a year — simply by drinking water every day before meals for a year.
  • I recommend 12 to 16 oz. at the start of each meal.
  • Get immediate results! Vibrant Living participants notice BIG gains in energy within two or three days of being fully hydrated.
  • Feel younger and quickly — with water!
  • Get wacky about water like I am. Never leave home without your water bottle! Take it to meetings, to restaurants, to church and to the base of the Grand Canyon and back up again (like I did when I took this photo a couple weeks ago!). Pause to refill and nurture the life force within!

Each of us has our own sweet spot of hydration. 90 oz. or more will propel your mind and body to vibrant energy.(Learn why in my book.)

In honor of Mother Earth, get FREE shipping this week on my 30-oz. BPA-free water bottle. Save money and save the earth. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Like all of creation, we are designed to convey goodness, strength and compassion. So fill your vessel each day. Go live vibrantly and in sync with God’s green earth.

New beginnings…

This is a jubilant day – with trumpets at church, kids hunting eggs, and loved ones gathered around the table. It’s a day to suspend our doubts, embrace miracles, and feel new life bursting forth, inside us and all around us. How can YOU make a fresh start this Easter, greeting spring with grateful and vibrant living?

  • Miss the sunrise service this year? No worries, God puts on this show every morning! Get up, get out, get moving and take in the view!
  • Brunch can pack a punch. So pile your buffet plate with colorful fruits and veggies. Choose water over mimosas.
  • When was the last time you hopped like a bunny? I’m serious. Get out of your comfort zone. Your body loves a new move, your mind a new challenge.
  • Keep a stash of dark chocolate in the house. Deprivation leads to late night foraging in your kids’ Easter baskets.
  • Roll away the excuses and show up in the lives of others. Bring food to the hungry. Visit the sick. Acts of mercy will change you and the world!