New beginnings…

This is a jubilant day – with trumpets at church, kids hunting eggs, and loved ones gathered around the table. It’s a day to suspend our doubts, embrace miracles, and feel new life bursting forth, inside us and all around us. How can YOU make a fresh start this Easter, greeting spring with grateful and vibrant living?

  • Miss the sunrise service this year? No worries, God puts on this show every morning! Get up, get out, get moving and take in the view!
  • Brunch can pack a punch. So pile your buffet plate with colorful fruits and veggies. Choose water over mimosas.
  • When was the last time you hopped like a bunny? I’m serious. Get out of your comfort zone. Your body loves a new move, your mind a new challenge.
  • Keep a stash of dark chocolate in the house. Deprivation leads to late night foraging in your kids’ Easter baskets.
  • Roll away the excuses and show up in the lives of others. Bring food to the hungry. Visit the sick. Acts of mercy will change you and the world!